Using Cardboard as a Template Material Part 1


Cardboard for Templates 

I wanted to create small specifically shapes in some artwork I’m working on.  Since I’m using pieces cut from scrap plexiglass sheet, I want to get it right the first time.  Secondly, rigid material like plastics and sheet metal make reworking tedious and time consuming. Cardboard is a soft paper based product that is easily cut with box knives or hobby knives.

Tracing the Pattern on Scrap Cardboard

To get started, I simply placed the artwork over some scrap cardboard.  I decided where I want to insert my final piece of acrylic plastic and I label all four sides of the artwork and trace out the rough outline of the template.

Mid century Braze Welded Steel Nail Wall Decor With Copper Patina


Inspired by mid century decor, this steel sculpture was hand welded with a gas torch. Some of the nails were covered with bronze filler metal to add texture and contrast. The alternating steel plates were finished with a distressed aged copper patina for additional interest and focus.
Height: 21 Inches; Width: 11 Inches; Depth: 2 Inches
For this and other sculptures check my Etsy shop.

Contemporary Abstract Stainless Steel Wall Art


I had this bundle of square 304 stainless steel square bars I purchased in St. Louis in March of this year.   I got tired of constantly moving them out of my way.  They needed to do something for me.  So, I spent a week mentally picturing what I wanted to create.  I wanted a grid pattern with various accents.  Unfortunately, my jig setup did not pan out due to technical issues. I messed up.  Out of frustration, I started  welding some rods at an angle to create a distorted grid.  I actually preferred this and went with it.  My new contemporary stainless steel wall sculpture was born.   I opened a new door to a new accent.  A single large stainless ring.  I chose not to color it as I’m staying with a brushed metal finish.

Found Object Bookend


The thing about using found objects in any creative endeavor is that you have to use your imagination.  Either you use your objects as is and create a cohesive artwork from what’s available or you decide to create some embellishments that make for a unique perspective piece. I chose the later while making this abstract welded bookend after binge watching Dr. Who on Netflix.  Not an expert on British culture, some of the slang flies over my head but in general this season is really inspirational.  I just wish time travel was not under such dire circumstances.

Abstract Geometric Multimedia Wall Sculpture


I found myself creating another multicolored geometric wall art.  Either my routine get too monotonous or maybe I need more experience seeing how different colors and pigments contrast and enhance shape and texture.  In any case this latest addition to my Etsy shop is made mostly of hand welded steel.  The far left side features an accent made of opaque acrylic plexiglass.  It is a black rod adhesively welded to a white 1/4” acrylic sheet panel.  It really adds a sleek modern look to it to be honest.  To see more photos and closeups,  visit the item in my Etsy shop.

Making Acrylic Paint with Glass Slab and Muller


I make acrylic paint for several reasons.  One sometimes, but not always,  it’s significantly cheaper that buying ready made artist acrylic paint.  Secondly,  if I don’t paint anything for awhile, I don’t have to worry about expensive paints drying in their jars.  I will have dry pigment powders and liquid pigment dispersions that will never “go bad.  I only make what I need.  I only need to monitor the condition of a couple bottles of acrylic medium.  Thirdly, I have more control of pigment loading and any additives that go into the paints I make and use.  Lastly, and most importantly, there is something very relaxing and satisfying about making acrylic paints.   You can read about my process on this article I recently posted.