Heated Oil Finish


Brutalist Welded Sculpture

My most recent work is yet another installment to my rusty abstract post industrial line of work.  This is a piece I have titled “Navigator” .  This work is an abstracts of a GPS navigator screen shot.  Usually, with this type of sculptural composition, I leave the metal bare to preserve its grit and brutal honesty.  This time, I wanted an antiquated look with warmth.  I have read about other metal artists and blacksmiths who apply linseed oil or similar to iron work then apply heat.  I did this by brushing on Penetrol and then heating the finish. I can report that I am quite pleased with the results.  It comes out a warm dark amber and even makes the less rusty parts look more rustic.  Check out some of the close ups.


I also added this to my hub I wrote about the metal art I create.  Just check it out as I try to update it as frequently as possible.