Russet, Burgundy, and Maroon


Russet, It’s not just potatoes

Today, I will be discussing handmade artwork in various shades of brownish red.  More specifically, the  colors russet, burgundy, and maroon.  Russet is a lighter brownish red of the russet potato where the color derives it’s namesake.  To me the color is slightly more red and dark than a brand new penny but not as dark as  red rust.  Russet red is also represented in various hues in autumn leanves.


Burgundy is prestige and elegance

Burgundy is decidedly darker and more rich than russet.  It has a hint of violet.  It is the color of some red wines and roses.  It exudes wealth, prestige, and elegance.  It looks most spectacular when accessorised with any iridescent gold hue.  \


Maroon is dark and deep

Maroon is definately a dark red.  It is red that has been darkened with black or brown.  It usually does not have violet or blue tones to it.  It may remind one of oxblood or Christmas decorations.

 All the items featured here are from an Etsy treasury I curated with the same title.  An Etsy treasury is a collection of other Etsians’ work featured in a curated exhibit that helps promote the works of art. 

Etsy is Truly Unique


You’ll be amazed at what you can find!

As an Etsy seller, I find myself browsing around looking for inspiration.  Sometimes I find an item or shop that really amazes me with the uniqueness of the items or the shop layout.  This is an example of one of those instances.  Just browsing, I find this picture of a bearded man wearing a long sleeve sweatshirt covered in cats!  It struck me as quite odd so I investigated.  I looked around at the shop where the shirt was called Beloved Shirts and I found some other unique oddities. 


Wow this is something!

This shirt called Handheld really got me a chuckle.  This would be a great gift for the gamer in your life for sure.  The more I look, the more I realize the mission of this shop owner.  And that mission is to cloth the people with a shirt that speaks of that person’s individual inclinations.  Just a shame there is only 10 items in the shop.


Gummy Bear Anyone?

Do you get freqent cravings for those colorful, flavorful little gummy bears?  Well now you can get a sweatshirt covered in them! This Gummybear sweatshirt makes an over the top statement that you love gummy bears!  I personally would have trouble wearing it as I would always be biting my sleeves.

If you want a unique sweatshirt for yourself or as a gift for someone special in your life, stop by Beloved Shirts on Etsy.