Brazed Metal




Accented Braze Nail Sculpture

A lot of my work revolves around braze  welded     square cut nails.  This concept was originally developed during the mid century movement in the 1950’s,1960’s, and 1970’s.  It has seen somewhat of a comeback. Personally, I love the aesthetic quality the brass joints contribute to the steel nails.  I put my own personal twist to this concept by creating and using my own accents.  The piece pictured above, Eames Era Accented Brazed Sculpture, is a perfect example.  I took a scrap piece of round steel bar, cutoff pieces of pipe, a rectangle of expanded sheet, and assembled them into unit that dominates the sculpture.

As can be seen, I stuck with the natural steel finish.  It is wire brushed in places and not others to combine to give both a polished and rustic finish.  A gloss lacquer finish is applied to protect.

Design by Desperation-When Everything Fails, Invent a Solution

2014-05-20 11.52.15

Frustrating Development

I have been working on a large mid century nail sculpture since early April.  I finally completed the work to customers satisfaction.  This week was the time to build a shipping crate.  I had everything measured and cut and it all looked well.  I had 6 mounting blocks to secure the art in the crate. one for each mounting hook.  It was when I was trying to screw the art into blocks I hit a snag.  Apparently, I was not going to get a washer to hold down the hook.  What was I to do?  I surely was not inclined to open my wallet and buy a solution to my problem.  I needed to use what I had on hand.

2014-05-20 11.52.32

Big Ah Ha! Moment

Once the thought of using some kind of wire to secure it, I knew I was not far from a solution to ,my dilemma.  That is precisely the moment I opened one of my storage bin drawers containing a couple hundred paper clips.  I said YES!  Already, I realized I can use TWO screws and TWO washers instead of one to secure each hook.  Also, since they are steel wire they can bend to the contours of the surface for added support.  Just to be safe I used two paper clips, one on top the other to distribute the load and keep the tension.


This is a demonstration of the problem solving skills developed in creative endeavors such as making sculpture.  It is my belief we were all born to create and we can all grow from exercising this ability.

Braze Welded Cut Nail Sculptures


Art Made from Masonry Nails


During the 1950’s and 1960’s was the modern art era now affectionately referred to as midcentury. Becuase of the rise of technology and the excitement surrounding the space race. This gave rise to a more contemporrary art style with hard lines and geometric shapes. And with that movement we have art made from cut nails, or more commonly called, masonry nails. The wedge shape of these nails allows them to be welded
into countless arrangments. The most striking pieces are ones made by braze welding with a bronze brazing rod. This allows the natural contrast of the two metals steel and bronze to shine create a mood.

Red Panel with Brazed Nails

Red PanelNow I want to present a dazzling splash of vivid color to the gray nails. I present the Red Panel with Brazed nails . It is suggestive of the far east, and the transparent red lacquer just adds to the depth and glimmer.


Distressed copper accented nail art

Distressed CopperMy latest addition to my shop is this beauty. Initially playing with fold forming copper. Got some neat creases for sure. Just to make the copper stiffer and give it an interesting texture, I hammered it also. Another recent work I have done is a 3 panel hammered copper sculpture.
Hammered Copper #4

A seven frame sculpture

7 framesWhen I made this, I wanted to create something different than I had before. So I made these frames with a nail going diagonally through them. I also included 3 semipheracle pipe ends as accents.


Creating work of smaller modules


3 starsThis is where I wanted to create a set of smaller units. This way ideas that come from smaller pieces can be considered. These 3 stars have an ancient appeal to them for sure. I hand brazed each one and they can be arrange anyway you wish. This gives flexibility for people with a discerning eye for efficient use of space. The art is available at this Etsy listing. Just click and see more details
Metal wall art

One common art them with cut nails is metal wall decor. The simple yet elegant 3 frame example shows this quality quite effectively.



sunburst or starburst sculptures


One of my favorite masonry nail art sculptures to make is star or sun burst. There are numerous ways to approach making one of these. The more unique the better.


Brass Covered Nail Project Completed!!



Major Project is done

The week before I took off for Orlando, Florida June 16th, I finally completed my brass covered nail project!  I showed my latest images to the customer and he approved!  Now came the nerve racking part.  It was time to build a wood  crate to ship this sculpture safely.







Not only did I want to make sure that I had at least 2 inches of space between the sculpture and the crate on all sides,  I actually bolted the art down to the supports.  This kept it snug and it would not move or shift in shipment.  Afterward, the crate was filled in with packing material to absorb shock.  This was well worth the extra effort.  Three days after I sent the art by motor freight, the customer responded with glee and was very pleased. 

Brass covered nail project Part 3 coming along



The large brass overlayed steel nail project is really taken shape.  It is getting bigger.  Started with several subassemblies.  These subassemblies are then braze welded together.  As the size increases, the weight does to and it becomes more fragile.  When full sized it will need some support braze welded to the back.  These braces will also feature the mounting hooks.

Photos Uploaded to My Facebook Page



This is one of the 15 photos I just posted on my facebook page.  It is a work I recently did by cutting the steel shapes by hand and braze welding them to a geometric sculpture made of masonry square cut nails.


This piece is what inspired a commision project I am currently working on with a customer.    Of course, the customer only wanted a sculpture with nails only.  All is not lost though, this sculpture was an experimentation on applying more than one color with an airbrush.  Some pretty shading and color effects can be created even with the most basic spray gun.  The possibilites are limited only by your imagination.