Use of Rustoleum Primer+Paint Combo in Metal Art


Review of Rustoleum Ultra Cover Paint + Primer

Intially when I started in metal art, I had to follow a certain sequence of steps to paint my metal creations.  This normally involved sanding or wire brushing the metal, applying a primer, then I could apply a base coat.  Seems simple but it was anything but.  Most importantly, you have a wndow when you can apply the basecoat over the primer.  Either you applied the basecoat withing the first hour or you had to wait until the primer was COMPLETELY dry after 48 hours.  If you deviate from this window you will have problems.  Most likely, the paint will craze and crackel and you will have to strip to bare metal and start all over again!

I guess Rustoleum got too many complaints over the amount of time involved in spraying a project or they want to develope products that are more VOC compliant.  Either case they have this new line of Painters touch Paint and Primer in all of there standard colors.  As a metal artist I can honestly say this is a game changer.  As long as I am going to use Rustoleum, I can eliminate one entire step in the painting process.  I literally can degrease and remove rust and dirt and go right to the basecoat color!  My only concern at that point would be would I be applying a clear coat in matt, gloss, or satin.   I will still use and purchase primer since I do paint with water based acrylics.


Distressed Abstract Industrial Metal art

My latest creation is this industrial collage of spare parts I call Distressed Abstract Industrial Metal Art.  It is my latest addition to my Etsy shop.  This is the first piece I have done with the Rustoleum Paint+Primer combo.  I applied the paint in varying intensities to give a more or less aged and worn effect.  Also I like the overspray look on some of the pieces with more than one color.  Depending on how opaque or transparent the paint is,  you can create a wide range of color effects over metal.  The most colorful and heavily painted accents can be seen in the picture below:


This sculpture would work in any man cave, garage or den.  To see what I have been rolling out, you can read more about it here.

Copper Oak Leaf Spray

imageCopper Leaf Spray

I have been dorment from metal art and writing for quite some time.  I started a piece a few weeks back and I finally got around to completing it.  It is a framed copper leaf spray.  It features hand formed copper leaves cut out of scrap roof flashing material.  The frame is 3/8″ steel square bar.   It measures 24 inches long by 16 inches wide.


Above is a close up of some of the copper leaves.  The leaves were given a heat patina with a small handheld butane torch.