Vibrant Dimensional a Wall Art Panel


Bold Abstract Metal Wall Panel

As a metal artist, it might be tempting to feel that you have to weld and braze everything  that you joined together. I would like to say that is not always the best case. There are a number of cold connections that can be used to join metal satisfactorily for decorative purposes. You could even incorporate The fasteners as part of the decor.   One main advantage of using cold connections such as rivets and nuts and bolts, is that you can paint separate modules separately and assemble without worrying about masking or any other challenges or difficulties in painting.  Take for instance the metal panel in the top photo the total sculpture weighs about 8 pounds in the rivets show no sign of giving .


Two Finished Modules Ready for Assembly 

In the above photo,you see two modules that have been pre-drilled  and painted. In this sculpture I will be using pop rivets to join the two modules and they will be hidden from display. This allows me to make a clean professional connection without a visible weld bead or spatter.  Also, I was able to carefully paint each module  separately and no masking tape was used.


Heavy duty Rivets and Gun

Normally when using rivets most people think of aluminum pop rivets. The modulesin this sculpture where  rather heavy.  I used steel rivets instead. These are fairly substantial difference as can be seen in the photo above. They are meant for holes a quarter inch in diameter and they have a grabbing power of up to 3/8 of an inch.  The heavy duty rivet gun requires two hands to operate and a little white bottle captures the pens as they snap off.   I am very happy with this operation as it created a very rugged and secure way of joining fairly heavy pieces of metal together. I will be doing more of this in the future.