Minimalist Robust Abstract Hand Welded Steel Sculpture


Minimalist Modern Metal Art

This is a recent addition to my Etsy shop.  It is a hand welded minimalist modern sculpture.  The white and black paint contrast with each other giving the composition dimension and presence.  Also. these colors match many decor schemes making for a minimalist yet bold statement.  There is red accents to attract attention and  focus.  The paint is a spray lacquer paint that dries quickly but leaves a hard durable coating.  The crossing geometric lines provide depth and volume.  The round shapes and holes break up the otherwise rectangular theme.


Treasure From Trash: How Discarded Metal Home Furnishings Get A New Life Part I


Discarded Metal Home Furnishing

One this about living where I do is that we have community dumpsters.  As a metal artist, I often look at new metal stock and  visualize metal art compositions.  Other times I pass a dumpster and see a discarded metal object and I snag the opportunity.   I am not sure if this was a magazine rack or a wine bottle holder.  Feel free to comment if you know.  All I knew was there was already a bunch of perfect rings that were screaming for a new lease on life.


Removing Woven Material

Once I acquired this item from the dumpster,  I was already designing wall decor in my mind.  With that in mind, I saw no use in keeping any of the woven top featured in photo above.  Now I could have used a grinder or hammer and chisel to break through.  It was pretty warm out and thought all that labor was little bit much.


Into The Fire Pit!

I had some old bills and documents. So I put the woven table upside down in the fire pit and then the bills as kindling.  Poured kerosene until the a paper was soaked and the woven material was damp.  I lit it with a min torch.  The woven material was gone in less than 2 minutes.


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Metal On Fire

Aside from looking completely awesome, this fire served three useful purposes.  One, I got rid of a stack of papers that cluttered a shelf in my dining area.  Two,  I wanted to remove the woven material from the metal frame without using cutting tools.  It is fact made from a plant based fiber material and was quite dry so it combust rapidly and easily.  Third, there was a flat black paint on the metal frame.  The heat breaks down the larger organic molecules in the paint into smaller ones.  This makes the paint and any primer underneath easily removed with a wire brush.  Although fire can be very dangerous if misused, it is very handy when working with steel and other metals with high melting points.

Ring Panels Removed

Afer everything cooled down I had only a metal framework to deal with.  It turns out I have useful patterns and components for  a few artistic creations.  I got my 4.5″ grinder out and began to cut the welds joining the ring panels to the rectangular frame.  Despite the number of cuts, the rods are only 1/4″ to maybe 5/16″ thick so this process went by quickly.  I found myself with two ring panels roughly 17 inches wide and 26 inches long.  My next task was to take a wire brush to the ring panels.


Most of the paint came off but there is some residue.  That is of little concern, since I only need an electrical connection for arc welding.  Once I get the accessory pieces welded and joined on, I will repaint this flat black again anyways.




Industrial Assemblage For Your Tabletop or Bookshelf

2014-05-18 23.16.17

Metal Art With Textured Finish

I just completed this tabletop sculpture from miscellaneous scraps of steel I had lying around.  This is an industrial steampunk  sculpture made from a plate from a discarded garage door opener, a piece of square tubing,  hexagonal rod, and a remnant piece of channel from another project.  This was all arc welded together to form a handsome and bold sculpture.

2014-05-18 23.16.082014-05-18 23.15.55

Arc Welded Industrial Assemblag

This first photo on the left is a closeup of the body of the sculpture.  The square tube is offset to the left to alloy the circular hole to be viewed unabstructed.  A hex bar scrap that was bent was added as an angular accent to bring balance to the composition.  On the right photo you can see the hex bar staff extending several inches above the plate.  This brings the total work to a height of 19 inches.  The sculpture is 6 inches wide at the widest point.  The piece of channel that is the base is approximately 3 inches by 4 inches.  For this sculpture and more, be sure to check out my Etsy shop!

Upcycled Metal Art

Upcycled Metal Art

this lens' photo

This lens will be concerned with upcycled metal art that can be purchased for your home, office, or garden. The main appeal, aside from buying something great handmade, is that you are actively participating in a method of using otherwise discarded metal scraps. These unique pieces bring a new life into the unwanted materials.

Upcycled metal art can be made from all sorts of materials. Many are made from nuts and bolts and other fasteners, scrap metal and sometimes a mass produced imported metal decor can be modified to produce a truly unique work of art.


Art Nouveau Scroll Wall Panel


Art Nouveau Upcycled artThis is art I created from a rather indescript scroll panel I found in the dumpster. After I welded on some embellishments, I put some unique iridescent paints I mixed myself to give this piece its special shine. Please click here to follow the link to this item in my Etsy shop.


Upcycled bolt robot candle holder


Second BoltbotThis is my second bolt bot. He is new and improved and now pearl lime green. You can see the Etsy listing for the
lime green bolt man candle holder here.
Scrap bolts, nuts and washers are welded together in a human shaped robot form. Then it is welded to a 4 inch square steel plate base and given two small bobeches for holding tea light candles.


Industrial Chic assemblage


Industrial Chic AssemblageThis is an assemblage of scrap bits of steel I have collected over recent months. They are laid out in a presentable form and welded to together. The art piece was pickled in acid to remove oxidation and wire brushed to a subtle luster. Then different hues of copper and bronze paints where applied to give a shimmer. A gloss clear lacquer was applied to protect the finish and add depth to the metallic finish.


Found object retro metal art


type=textThis is an upcycled art work for you garden as well as your office. I featured it also in my main metal art lens and here because it contains no new metal. Everything in this piece is repurposed. You follow this link to Etsy where this item is listed to purchase.


Welded Dog


Welded DogThis is a wonderfull way to use up scrap metal to create something more personable than an abstract piece. This art would make a great addition to your garden and it will never need feeding!! Be sure to click on the picture to go to this dogs page!


Unique way to reuse flatware


Flatware dragonflyWould you like to see bland flatware reused and upcycled to something totally unique? Ho about a dragonfly made from stainless steel flatware.
Then click on the flatware dragonfly for more information!