Improvised Welding Jig

2014-07-20 22.12.40

Scrap Steel Becomes Improvised Jig

I had cut some triangles out to make two four sided pyramids.  To be able to weld them in place, I needed a steel support to hold them at the right angle.  That is where I remembered the four quarter inch thick steel bars I had laying around.  I realized the bottoms of the triangles would form a square.   Once I had the right configuration, I clamped the bars in place and proceeded to tack weld the triangles together.  I was able then to weld without worrying about damaging the jig.

2014-07-20 23.39.04

Here is a view of the pyramid with seams welded.  I made another pyramid and put it under the other and made the bars closer together.  This is to hold the first pyramid upside down while the other is welded to it.

The photo below shows the underside of the workstation.

2014-07-20 23.39.11


Art Deco Inspired Candle Sconces


Art Deco Design

Art deco was a radical designs movement after the art nouveau movement of the late Victorian period into the early 20th centure.  Art deco features smooth lines and industrial shapes.  Also, new materials, like stainless steel, were incorporated into art deco design.  A perfect example is the Chrysler town in New York City.


 The sculptural quality of these candle sconces is notable with the curves and hemispherical accents.  The decorative accents are painted with the awesome silver spray paint I recently featured in a post.


Black is Nice Contrast to the Silver Finish

To really make the glossy silver paint stand out, I chose a glossy black oil based enamel. I do use acrylic paint on metal but oil based enamel is the best. Many times,  a couple coats of oil based enamel is all that is needed.  These are fairly popular and easy to make so I make these to order.  Just check out the listing on my Etsy shop.