Whimsicle Curves and Spirals Part 2



Iridescent Topcoat Applied

In the first part of this blog entry on Whimsicle Curves and Spirals, I covered the welded construction followed by a base coat to tone the finish. By far the most spectacular result was observed while airbrushing the magenta Pearl Ex onto the magenta base coat.  Note the hot pink shade with purplish iridescence in the photo below.


This really brings focus to the sculpture.  The interior supporting curve needed a pearl finish but more subdued.  The Createx pearl blue airbrush paint was well suited for this task.



Continuing in my theme of using different colors for the bases, I applied a Createx silver pearl to the base.  Not as reflective as I like yet still nice.  I first dry brushed a grey base coat to assist with bonding and toning of the top coat.



Pearl Lime Sphere

Originally, I was just going to paint the solid steel ball gold.  Seeing that the base was silver, I thought it would dull the effect of the eye popping fushia spiral I worked so hard to create.   I remembered I had a small bottle of pearl lime airbrush paint.  This stuff looks fluorescent it is so bright.  It blows most golds right out of the water.

This colorful sculpture will bring bling to any decor.  It is available in my Etsy shop.

Whimsicle Curves and Spirals Part 1


My Winter Creativity Binge Takes a Turn

In my last post regarding braving the elements I created a angular piece from scraps.  While I worked on that, I also put together the gem you see on the left in the photo above.  It is a whimsical spiral wrapping itself around a curved bar terminated in a solid steel ball.   I took a chance by forming the 2 inch wide strip of 16 gauge steel around a schedule 40  four inch diameter pipe.  I then stretched the spiral form out to lengthen and give more dimension.  I thought that I just as easily could have turned perfectly good steel into rubbish.


Working Out the Weld Position

It was quite awkward welding the spiral onto the curved support.  I have never done anything quite like this.  Needless to say I dropped things a couple of times before I figured a way to hold it still long enough to tack them together.


Attaching the Solid Steel Ball

The next endeavor changed the whole dynamics of the piece.  I welded on a solid steel ball one and one half inch in diameter on the end of the curved bar.  This might sound big but it is.  It weighs nearly 1 pound and causes the whole piece to wobble.  Just to stabilize it, I had the mount the composition onto a steel base 3/8″ inch thick!   I used a 3/8″ round rod to brace the piece into a vertical position.  Just see photo below.


Fun Colors For a Fun Sculpture


Well I went to the trouble to make this organic and playful piece.  Why not adorn it with colors to match.  I started off with some student acrylics to cover the primer and establish a base coat for the pearl paints that will be applied on top.  The colors show are roughly like the metallic pearls that will be placed over them.  This provides me an opportunity to study and evaluate various color combinations.   I must say that it is tempting to almost go with the regular colors.  Look forward to spraying the finishes on this sculpture.