Robot Art and Sculpture

About robots

Mankind has always dreamed of building a machine in his image to do the tedious and less glamorous work. Often but not always robots are created in human like form. As technological advances are made in electronics and software developement, robots become more sophisticated and able to complete more tasks.This lens is about artistic representation of robot technology. Many of the sculptures that will be featured will be made from found objects that have been upcycled. Robots have an industrial yet somewhat personable appeal to decorating your home, office, or garden.

Functional robot art

Lime Green Bolt bot candle holderThis is a candle holder that I had and sold before painted in metallic orange. This time, I remade the art better and gave him this gorgeous pearl lime paint job. He holds two tealight candles and stands roughly 15 inches tall. Click on the this link to visit my Etsy listing for this item. Also it is featured in my other lens Nuts and Bolts in Metal Art.


Distressed painted bot

Upcycled robotThis is my most recent robot sculpture. I made it by welding then I sprayed it with my instant rust solution. After several treatments, I had a fairly even rust coating on the robot. But I wanted more so I dry painted over the rust to give it a distressed shaby look to it. I am pleased on how it turned out. If you would like, go check out my dry brush painting lense for more information.


Whimsicle charm of random nuts and bolts

hardware robotThis robot, assembled from odd nuts and bolts, would look good on any desk. Not sure if the sparkplug is a weapon or not. I really like the cotter pin antenea.


Cute animal robots

Jade the robot dogOne trend I have noticed on etsy is robot dogs. Dogs are generally considered man’s best friend and what better animal to emulate as a robot. These would make wonderful companions in your home in garden.


Found object robot assemblage

Found Object artUpcycled robot art does not need to consist solely of nuts and bolts. Here is a prime example of a neat assemblage created from various found objects. Note the frequency meter as the torso. Check out the MEGACYCLE found object listing on Etsy and you will see the artist who is selling this has several more robot sculptures.