Minimalist Robust Abstract Hand Welded Steel Sculpture


Minimalist Modern Metal Art

This is a recent addition to my Etsy shop.  It is a hand welded minimalist modern sculpture.  The white and black paint contrast with each other giving the composition dimension and presence.  Also. these colors match many decor schemes making for a minimalist yet bold statement.  There is red accents to attract attention and  focus.  The paint is a spray lacquer paint that dries quickly but leaves a hard durable coating.  The crossing geometric lines provide depth and volume.  The round shapes and holes break up the otherwise rectangular theme.


Sleek Large Modern Candle Wall Sconce Project Part 1


Simple Yet Elegant Lines

In my latest work, I wanted to return to making candle holders.  Especially with the holidays drawing nearer.  I wanted to do sconces that held the larger candles like the Yankee candle product line.  After some thought and considering influences I had from furniture and architexture, I came up with a simple yet elegant design.  Right angles, geometric form, and a smooth satin oil rubbed bronze finish.


The Materials I Started With

Well every work of art needs to start from some raw materials.  What was special about this project is that I requested the metal be precut to the dimensions I needed to save time.  The steel supplier I frequent has various cutting tools to cut the stock material. They have a shear press, band saw, cutting torch and CNC plasma table.  I already had the dimensions ready so I had them cut the materials necessary plus extra just in case.  All were made from 16 gauge hot rolled steel sheet.  The pieces were 4 X 2″by 24″; 4 X 6″by 6″, and 4 X 6″ by 24″ rectangles. The two inch wide rectangles were formed around a mandrel made from schedule 40 pipe that is 4 inches in diameter. The second photo to the right shows one of the 2 inch sections wrapped into a cylinder with the ends tack welded together.