Minimalist Robust Abstract Hand Welded Steel Sculpture


Minimalist Modern Metal Art

This is a recent addition to my Etsy shop.  It is a hand welded minimalist modern sculpture.  The white and black paint contrast with each other giving the composition dimension and presence.  Also. these colors match many decor schemes making for a minimalist yet bold statement.  There is red accents to attract attention and  focus.  The paint is a spray lacquer paint that dries quickly but leaves a hard durable coating.  The crossing geometric lines provide depth and volume.  The round shapes and holes break up the otherwise rectangular theme.


Minimalist Modern Wall Art

minimalist wall art

Minimalist Scrap Metal Art

This is my latest work I posted here in my Etsy shop.  It is modern minimalistic abstract piece that I made entirely from scrap steel.  The arc was a steel rod that came from a garden stake of some sort, the yellow rectangle is cuttoff from a steel tube, and the big red disk is a large fender washer reclaimed from an industrial site.  All is painted in Rustoleum oil based enamel paints.