Industrial Chic Steampunk Key Holder


Steampunk Key Holder From Reclaimed Machine Gears

After the recent sale of the key holder me and my family have used for the last few years, I felt the pressure to replace it.  I immediately thought of a steampunk theme.  It is the driving force force for me to acquire steel gears from surplus sources.


This industrial chic steampunk key holder pretty much came together as I imagined it.   I first arc welded the gears in what I thought was an interesting pattern.  Then cut a square steel bar I had handy then I hand formed my hooks.  I maintained an imperfect natural steel finish to add to the industrial chic charm.  This key holder could work in a number of decor settings.  It could perfectly fit in with a vintage country cottage or an ultramodern contemporary work space.  The possibilities are endless.




Sunburst Key Holder


Sunburst Theme to brighten your decor

I am realizing the utility of keyholders and I enjoy welding them.  They are usually simple and not very big so they would be a lower priced item in my collection.  The key holder featured here is a sunburst made from a hemispherical pipe cap and square cut nails braze welded together using bronze filler rod. The nbronze joints add some interesting contrast to the grey steel.  I took it a little further and decided to accentuate it a bit.


First I coated the wire brushed sculpture with Krylon Crystal Clear Flat.  This will help seal the bare metal surface from oxidation while providing a dull matt surface to paint on. What I was going for was an warm orange hued bronze color affect on the sun. I also decided to even out the color of the grey steel with darkened silver paint.  For the accent paints, I used water based acrylic metallic paints.  I used the dry brushing technique to apply layers of the metallic paint to minimize brush strokes and to quicken dry time between coats.  I first applied a little copper colored paint to the sun to brighten it. Afterwards, I mixed some copper with bright gold to get a bronze color.  This went over the copper color and it created much depth. This was especially true after I covered the whole thing with Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss.  As you can see from the photo, it really came alive. This sunburst kep holder is listed in my Etsy shop.