Industrial Chic Steampunk Key Holder


Steampunk Key Holder From Reclaimed Machine Gears

After the recent sale of the key holder me and my family have used for the last few years, I felt the pressure to replace it.  I immediately thought of a steampunk theme.  It is the driving force force for me to acquire steel gears from surplus sources.


This industrial chic steampunk key holder pretty much came together as I imagined it.   I first arc welded the gears in what I thought was an interesting pattern.  Then cut a square steel bar I had handy then I hand formed my hooks.  I maintained an imperfect natural steel finish to add to the industrial chic charm.  This key holder could work in a number of decor settings.  It could perfectly fit in with a vintage country cottage or an ultramodern contemporary work space.  The possibilities are endless.




Preval Spray Gun a Review

Preval Sprayer a portable and inexpensive paint spraying option

The Preval Spray Gun is a novel and versatile system for spraying paints and coatings that is both very portable and inexpensive.
It does well in touch ups and small jobs where lugging around a compressor is not an option. Also, the power unit is cheap and easily replaced. Although keeping the nozzle cleaned is a good idea, you do not have to take apart any equipment and detail clean as you would if you used a traditonal spray gun.There is a plethora of other uses for the Preval sprayer and this article will cover some of these.

What the Preval Sprayer Consist of

The Preval Spray UnitWhen you purchase Preval sprayer, it will consist of two main parts. One called the power unit is a compact aerosol unit with a dip tube capable of spraying up to 16 ounces of fluid. The second part is the preval jar where you put your paint, varnish, lacquer, paint remover etc into it. There are many places to find the Preval Sprayer locally but you can find the complete selection of supplies online in the shop section of

Preval is Made in America!

type=textUnlike so many products on our store shelves, Preval is made right here in the USA! This is a trend of conscientious manufacturers that want to bring ingenuity back to America along with the practice of quality manufacturing. So by buying the Preval spray gun you are doing a good service for your nation and its people.

Painting with the Preval Sprayer

Painting with Preval
When you start painting with the Preval Sprayer, you will marvel at the simplicity and utility. Before, I talked about the benefits of using an airbrush. An airbrush is convenient for spraying water based paints and allows for custom mixing of paint colors prior to painting. One problem with most airbrushes is they usually need an air compressor which is not always convenient. Another point to consider is that the canned air offered by airbrush manufacturers is very expensive forcing one to opt for the air compressor.What Preval offers is a completely portable paint spraying system with inexpensive propellent cartridges and interchangable containers. Following the paint makers instructions, it is best to thin to a milk like viscosity with recommended thinner.

 Automotive Touch up

Due to the simplicity of the design and the portability, the Preval is useful for automotive touch ups where using traditional spray equipment might be inconvenient or cumbersome.   Check out the Youtube video below.

Applying Clear finishes

The Preval Sprayer is also quite capable of handling lacquers, varnished, and clear coats. It not only dispenses waterborne finishes but solvent based ones as well. Not only can you spray your favorite finishes by spray but you can spray apply specialty finishes such as Permalac that are only available through specialty shops. Many manufactures of lacquers and varnishes supply their product in aerosol form. The problem is that you get less for more money and you pay for considerable amounts of propellant. With the Preval sprayer, the power unit has all the propellant and can be replaced often for less money than spray cans.


Leaf Spray made from Steel,Copper, and Brass

Leaf Sprays made with copper, brass and steel leaves

this lens' photo

Metal leaf sprays with copper, brass and steel leaves will add pop to any wall. They maybe polished and sparkly or brightly finished with a coating of paint. In any case, they make a bold contemporary statement while resembling nature. There is an endless possibilities just with the three metals mentioned. In fact, a leaf spray featuring leaves of more than one metal can give more depth and a decidingly autumn look.

Copper leaf spray

Copper leaf sprayWhether you are looking for a distinctive sculpture for your bedroom wall or your office, leaf sprays and related natural sculptures are a wonderful choice. Although minimalist and futuristic abstracts may be good “eye candy” , leaf spray offer artworks with a serene familiarity to them. The most striking and effective sculptural leaf sprays use a combination of metal alloys like the one here featured in the photo. The main branch is of bent steel rod, the stalks on the leaves are brass brazing rod, and the leaves are hand formed from copper sheet metal.

Benefits of Copper and Brass in leaf sprays

Brass Leaf sprayBrass and copper are two metals that are readily available in thin gauged sheet. They are soft and easily formed. They do work harden on forming but are easily annealed by heating to a red heat and allowing to cool. There are many textures with hammers that can enhance the realism of the leaves by creating veins. Another feature of copper and brass is the colors can mimic fall foliage just like the maple leaf branch shown in the photo,

Multi-colored Upcycled leaf sprays

Perhaps you like brighter colors, Then you may wish to consider a leaf spray featured in the photo here. It is an upcylced leaf spray, The colors where toned down and antiqued. You may be able to find a leaf spray in an unflattering state in a garage sale or thrift store. A simple cleaning followed by a new paint job can do wonders for any decor while adding a personal touch. You will also be keeping items from being taken to landfills as well.

Handmade Metal Candle Holders Make Great Gifts


A candle holder can come in many forms and be made of many materials. Most popular is metal. The best ones in my opinion are those hand made here not the ones that come from slave camps in China. they are tended to with great care and are built to last. Looking on etsy for instance, you can find a huge variety of candle holders.
There are various styles of candle holders that hold tea candles or huge candle 4 or 5 inches in diameter or more. They can be single candle stick holders, multi candle candlabra, or even candle chandaliers.The candle holders can be in any style from abstract, tradional, industrial chic or art deco like the sconce pictured here.


Want a nice heart themed tea light/votive candle holder for Valentines, Mothers day, or an anniversary? This is the gift for you. t is hand welded from sturdy steel and is airbrushed with water based acrylics and lacquers for a long lasting beauty. You may visit the listing for this candle holder in my Etsy shop.


There are candle holders made from forged steel scrolls and they are some of the most stunning pieces visually. Like the one below painted blue.


I see many candle holders with distressed paint finishes. That gives them a rustic almost folksy feel to them. Be sure to check out the listing for this

Wonderful Metal Scroll Panel

Wonderful Metal Scroll Panel

This is a project that I am wrapping up. It consist of 2 forged steel S scrolls welded to a pipe cap inside a rectangle fabricated of 1/2 square bar. Notice the rich metallic plum over a magenta base coat.  This is part of a larger 3 module wall art that will be in bright spring like colors.  More on this later.