Treasures From Trash:Getting the most from a Find Part 2


Mid Century Style From Repurposed Steel Rods

On my first installment of Treasures From Trash, I talked about the wine rack/table I found in a local dumpster.  I discussed how I burned it to remove the woven material and cut the metal to separate the ring panels.  In the photos, you will see that the empty frame consist mostly of straight rods.  I cut this frame to gather the rods and had a pretty decent bundle.  Well they ended up being used in the sculpture above.  It is mid century with a industrial chic twist.  I roughly laid out the rods in a crisscross pattern and arc welded the rear to conceal the welds.img_3796

Welded on Accents

I felt that the composition needed some simple accents to develop interest.  I cut 6 slugs from some thick walled small diameter pipe.  I welded them strategically near the center of the composition and felt it was well balanced.


Mounted Any Way You Like

I often make wall pieces that can be mounted in more than one configuration.  This rod artwork is particularly suited to mount either horizontally or vertically.  To see dimensions and shipping options check out the link to this item in my Etsy shop.


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