Using Threaded Studs for Mounting Metal Wall Art


Welding Studs On Metal Sculpture

Previously, I wrote about cutting longer bolts with hacksaw to make headless studs.  These studs where intended to be welded onto a sculpture or a fixture so fasteners could be threaded on.  In the example shown here, the four studs I made mentioned in the previous post are being welded on the back of a bolt sculpture so it can be fastened to a background plate.


Protect The Threads When Welding Studs And Bolts!

Since I will be using flux-cored arc welding process, there will be some spatter and this can damage the threads on the studs I made.  The picture above shows three nuts covering almost the entire length of thread.  And since I want to reuse these nuts for mounting, I will need to protect them too.  One trick I learned by research and trial and error is to cover with masking tape.


Masking Tape for Added Protection

Now when the stud is actually welded in place, it is very likely the tape will catch on fire.  Simply blow it our or let it stop. There will not be spatter and the threads will be preserved.

Ok so now it is time to mount these studs on a art work I recently assembled.  I took one stud and clamped it to one side of the angle iron so I can mount it at a right angle.



I wire brushed the weld and repeated the process three more times.  Once all is welded.  I can mounted the welded art to a predrilled plate with an offset distance of my choosing based on how I space it with nuts.


Here is the WELCOME sculpture made from bolts test mounted on a predrilled tread plate.  After I glued on some support brackets made from square tubing, I painted both parts separately for the finished work displayed below.  If interested just check out the link to this item in my Etsy shop.



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