Using Steel Channel as a Sculpture Base


Steel Channel for Weight and Stability

One of the most important aspects of sculpture is the base itself. The base needs to be stable and able to support the weight of the artistic composition.   This is a specially very important for metal sculpture.   One of my favorite materials to use for sculpture base has been steel channel usually have substantial thickness in size.


There are a Few Ways to Attach a Sculpture Base

As with any dates for sculpture there are usually more than one way to attach it to the main body of the art piece. It could be simply welded right to the sculpture,screwed or tapped, or even adhesives.  Other times, it might be best to just drop a hole through the bass like the photo above shows, then force the support rod for the sculpture end of the hole and welded in place from an unseen side.


A Tight Fit is Best

If you’re simply going to drill the hole and insert support rods of the sculpture through the whole then it should be a fairly tight fit. Here you will see that I have to use a 2 pound engineering hammer to get it all the way through the whole to the other side  where it will be welded into place once I make sure everything is straight in the way I want to align.


Support Rod Inserted in Mounting Hole and Welded into Place

The above photo was taken after everything was properly aligned and the support right for the sculpture was stuck mounted on the inside of the channel. This gives the base a lot more of a professional look. Out of sight out of mind.  To see the sculpture in my Etsy store, please visit this page give you more information or even purchase.










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