Portable Welding Table Part 2

I’ve got the other seven rungs welded onto the table top. On the first row I only measured the very first one. The other three, I merely just eyeballed the measurements as they were not supercritical. I spaced him out evenly so I could what cut off pieces drop through the table if necessary. Also, this gives space for cut off tools I need to go below table little while anchoring the work piece to the table. The other four rungs on the other side were merely just lined up with the opposite side to make it look like a continuous rod going across entire table top.


I did have an issue with the little wobble. So what I did was remeasured the links of the legs as they were welded onto the table. It turned out that the only one leg one is about a quarter inch off. The other two legs were maybe maximum 1/8 of an inch off on the length.  So I mark and cut off the excess grinder on the three legs and I set it down on the flat service it was almost perfect.


Above you can see the table with a quarter inch thick plate resting on three of the rungs.  This shows the versatility of the table.   With this kind of modification, I can work with small pieces as well as larger pieces.



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