Portable Welding Table Part#1

A Metal Working Surfaces for All Weather

I have been working with metal since 2010.  All the techniques I know have been self taught by trial and error and watching YouTube video tutorials.  Since I do not have a garage, I work on my back patio.  And being in the Midwest, I completely at the mercy of the weather.  So I need to mindful of rain and other precipitation as well as blazing summer sun.

After finding a 12 gauge 2 foot extension cord at Home Depot, I discovered that my front covered porch can provide the shelter and solace I so much need.  Then I had the bright idea to buy some angle iron and build a small portable welding table I could carry around like a stool.  image


Tabletop Frame Made from Notched Angle Iron

I made the above frame by taking 1/4″ thick 1 1/2″ X 1 1/2″ angle iron and notching two of the pieces so I could interlock and weld them into place without making miter cuts.  Also, I wanted to use the four 1/2″ rod I had lying around.  Unfortunately, these rods are a couple inches too short to span the fame.  So I had a novel solution.  Take a 2 inch wide 3/16″ steel strip and cut it to size so I could center it on the frame.  With this divider bar, I was able to cut the 4 rods in half and take the smaller pieces and weld them to the frame and the center divider bar.


First rung installed

As stated as above, the center bar did help me use the 1/2″ rods.  Even with my careful planning and double measurements, I still barely had 3/8″ to attach the rod to the table top.  I still have seven more to attach so stay tuned…



One thought on “Portable Welding Table Part#1

  1. thanks for this informative weld article

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