Memphis Wall Panels


Colorful Memphis Style Art

This is a recent piece I created from the 4 cool panels I purchased last year. It is a small Memphis style wall panel with clean geometric lines.  This wall decor just screams retro 80’s .  It is all painted in gloss oil based enamel paint for durability and boldness of color.  The main body is deep blue and the accents are painted in gloss black, red, and white.  This item is 12 inches wide and 12 inches in height.  It has a maximum depth of 2 inches from wall.  Do not be put off by the small size the brilliance will add pop to any wall.

 il_570xN.639027015_2w2a    il_570xN.638912298_d18i



6 thoughts on “Memphis Wall Panels

  1. gdavispa says:

    Reblogged this on Runes in the Sand and commented:
    This metal wall decor caught my eye. I wasn’t put off by it’s small size but the description as “retro 80’s hipster” did; a bit. Not sure if the style label of “Memphis style wall panel” is something the artist, Jason Bosh, coined or not.

    Artisti’s Esty page:

  2. gdavispa says:

    Greetings Mr. Bosh, thought I’d reply to your comment: “So if you may elaborate and maybe suggest a better description.”

    You are correct, that to some, “hipster” does have a negative connotation. For me I think it is mostly that I wouldn’t want to be classified as such, by stating that I enjoyed the piece.

    However from an artistic perspective, if you view the work as “80’s retro hipster” then it is an apt description. The viewer audience will bring to the work their own bias and thoughts. From a marketing viewpoint, perhaps simply describing it as “80’s retro” might have less baggage.

    So, is “Memphis style wall panel” a term you coined?

    • Yes I coined that phrase based on my research and observations. I also make metal art from the mid century era at times. But to be honest, it seems I am more passionate about the bold styling of the 80’s. I came to age during this decade and the styles left a permanent mark on me. I took the “hipster” word from my blog. I am in the process of making larger pieces so stay tuned! The listing for the panel featured is back online.

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