Spring Has Finally Sprung!


The Harshest Winter of a Generation

Yes spring has finally arrived.  It could not come soon enough.  This winter has been the snowiest and one of the coldest in 30 to 35 years!  The photos above sums up pretty much the weather pattern from New years until about March 10th.  A long series of severe winter weather events, each followed by subzero cold.  There were a couple times we would have a warm up and thaw but it was usually only for a day maybe two.  Most of the snow from the previous storm would remain only to be added to by several more inches from a new storm system. By the way, the photos on top were taken on a frigid Saturday morning that was 4 above zero!


The Meaning of Spring

Spring is the season of new life and beginging.  It is a time of birth and awakening.  For me it represents new inspirations for creative endeavors.  It is also inspiring for reorganization.  Many times, you have clutter collecting dust in the winter because it is too cold and dark to get motivated to do anything about it.   This spring is very special due to the severity and ruthless nature of the winter season.  I built a steel shelf with the promise of better weather and longer daylight hours.  I have several organizing projects in line to make my creative process a much smoother and pleasurable experience.


Well it has been interesting.  Now it is the middle of April and we have left the snow and ice behind.  Now we a on roller coaster wetted by rain.  We rotate between near summer warmth to damp coolness associated with later winter or early spring.  May will bring better conditions.

2014-04-13 15.41.25


I have done less of the creative metal work lately.  I have instead been occupied with objects of utility such as steel shelving and welding fixtures.


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