Decorative Steel Ring Candle Holders


Simple Yet Elegant Ring Pattern

I was inspired yet again to create some wall mounted candle sconces.  This time, I am cateriting to larger candles such as the Yankee style cnadles.  This is a pair of welded, handmade, candle holders features 4 and 1/2 inch bobeches mounted to an assemblage of rings made of hollow steel tubing.


They are finished in a matt coating of iridescent bronze to adorn nearly any decor.  Although they appear quite substantial, the hollow tubing makes them surprisingly lightweight.  They are 26 inches long and 8 inches wide at the largest ring.  You can also visit the listing for this item in my shop or check out my other items.


5 thoughts on “Decorative Steel Ring Candle Holders

  1. Carlos says:

    These are great. How did you make the rings from the hollow steel tubing?

    • Carlos,

      Well to be honest, I purchased the hollow rings ready made. Being solid bar into a ring is an easy endeavor. How tubing requires tubing rollers so the tubing is not kinked.

      • Carlos says:

        Oh ok. So where could I find the rings and can you show bending solid rings into a circle. I’ve done small ones around a piece of pipe but not larger ones. Thanks.

  2. Carlos,
    Well you can go to If you live in or near a major metro area, try looking for ornamental iron suppliers. More than likely you will find someone locally who will sell scrolls, finials, rings etc etc. I have sections of pipe up to 8 inches in diameter. For even larger circles in solid bar, Take a scrap board, drill two 3/4″ holes in it 3 inches apart. Put two bolts in the holes that are 3/4″ by 3 inches long. Get about 8 washers and put 4 on each bolt and tighten with a nut. Place bar inside bolts, while board is tightly in a vise, and put your arse into it. I am able to bend 3/8 inch bar almost 270 degrees around COLD. Leverage is the key. I will have to post later about this.

    • Carlos says:

      Thanks for the reply. Your pieces are great and this blog is very informative. I’ve made several cut nail sculptures and a few kinetic sculptures. I have an idea for a sculpture that needs circles, so I’ll try your suggestion.

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