Awesome Silver Metallic Spray Paint


Metallic Spray Paint for Artists and Crafters.

It is not too often you will hear of anyone praising a generic store brand product from a home improvement store for craft use.  But this gem of a spray paint is certainly an exception.  I was expecting a typical dull metallic silver paint.  I was quite delighted to create an almost polished chrome look on my candle holders.  All I did was apply white oil based primer for clean ferrous metal.  Then I smoothed out any fish eyes or any other blemishes.  Once smooth,  I applied a very light coat at first.  I waited 10 minutes then applied a couple more coats.  The beauty with this paint is it dries to the touch in 10 minutes and fully dry in an hour.  You can apply more coats at any time!  See the candle holder set to view the finish or check it out in my Etsy shop.

IMAG3003 IMAG3002


One thought on “Awesome Silver Metallic Spray Paint

  1. […]  The sculptural quality of these candle sconces is notable with the curves and hemispherical accents.  The decorative accents are painted with the awesome silver spray paint I recently featured in a post. […]

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