Awesome Steel Storage Shelf


Steel Shelf Handmade

With spring finally coming after one of the harshest winters of this generation, I feel the strong need to reorganize my tools and materials.  I looked for good used industrial shelving on craigslist but did not find much of interest.  the ones I found were either too big or too expensive.  I also did not want to commit to buying 25 units from a warehouse either.

The steel shelving sold at the local home improvement stores cost well over $100 and are not made of the most robust materials either.  So I set my sights on crating my own.  I could use stronger material  efficiently at a lower cost.  So I headed to Warner Steel to pick up some 14 gauge steel tubing and 2 inch by 1/8″ angle iron.


To to save a little on weight and cut cost a little, I used 3/8 round bars as the end of the shelf units.  The angle iron sides will provide a suitable lip over the particle board shelves to help secure items stored.  Also, I left the shelf unit unfinished so I can easily make additions and modifications as I see fit.  It will be enclosed in a storage unit out of the elements so all is well.  When I am satisfied, I will paint the assembly with oil based enamel.  Until then, enjoy and don’t forget to check out my Etsy shop.


One thought on “Awesome Steel Storage Shelf

  1. […] of the creative metal work lately.  I have instead been occupied with objects of utility such as steel shelving and welding […]

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