Braving Bitter Cold to Create Metal Art


Eager to Create Metal Art

It just Christmas Eve and we have already experienced several nights in the single digits and a few snowstorms with a total of nearly a foot of snow.  Thankfully not all at once 😉 .  Working on metal art outdoors without a garage is especially difficult in these conditions.  I do feel it is going to be a long hard winter. 

Well, being that it is quite cold when its not raining or snowing, I find myself look for scrap pieces I can readily assemble into my next works of art. That saves time freezing while cutting metal to size.  I just tweak found scraps to conform to an idea then I zap them together with my flux core welder.

Take for instance the photo above,  I have had the large fender washer ready for another project since Septemember that never materialized.  The zigzag rod was me just messing around with my bench vise.  The angled support plate was a scrap of left over 16 gauge that I cut a little to get straight edges.  Put them together and you have the begining of a post modern meets art deco abstract composition.



Finding All the Right Pieces

Many times when I improvise a sculpture, it just happens that the creative process takes over and the rest of the composition seems to come together on its own.  After I secured the rod and washer to the back plate, I found this quarter inch plate that was begging to be a base. So I welded it on with four strong welds.


Stay Tuned For Further Developments………


One thought on “Braving Bitter Cold to Create Metal Art

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