Awesome Upcycled Jewelry tree



A Creative Outlet for Scrap Nails, Bolts, and Metal Rod Cutoffs

A customer recently contacted me via my Etsy shop to design a jewelry tree I recently sold.  With space limited, I need to make a tree 10 inches or less.  The beauty of this work is it can be done at nearly any scale.  Usually, it can be made entirely of scrap pieces of metal.  This work was literally made from scrap I had stashed for just such an occasion.  The rods are 1.4″ and 3/16″ in diameter and where bent to give more organic curves.  Random nails, bolts, and screws were welded on as “foliage”.





Looking at the second photo, notice the improvised root system joining the jewelry tree to the 1/4″ thick steel plate base.  One of the perks to using a wire feed welder is the endless metal texturing and modeling potential.  Next a solution of gun bluiing is applied to give a nice distressed bluish black patina on the steel.



Once rinsed to stop chemical conversion and dried, a nice gloss clear finish was applied.



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