Metal Wall Decor



Metal wall decor

There is nothing quite like metal for your home or office decor. Metal is strong yet is relatively easy to shape and there are numerous finishing options available depending on what metal is used. Metal wall art is best because it takes up far less space and a lot more art can fit in a room. Please feel free to browse the articles and the listings in this page.

Purpose of Metal wall art

The purpose of metal wall art is to add a unique style to a room or office. I can be in a style that reflects on the style andcharacter of the owner. Also, it could be the piece that brings conflicting design elements into harmony.Take for instance, this mid century wall art sculpture titles “Quadrant” made from masonry nails. It employs the natural finish of wire brushed steel contrasting with the bronze weld joints to create a subtle but interesting work of art. More sculptures like this and more can be found in myEtsy shop JTBmetaldesigns!

Distressed Copper

Distressed CopperII have made numerous wall decor from masonry nails but this time I decided it was time to incorporate some copper. I wanted to try some folding techniques and the creases came out nicely. After I was done with all that I gave the copper panel a “seasoned” texture with the round part of a ball peen hammer. After brazing the copper to the dimensional assemblage of brazed nails, it looked pretty good if I don’t say so myself.

Metal art featuring aluminum with grinder patterns

Abstract BlueA popular style in these times is metal wall art made by polishing and grinding patterns into aluminum. It is a metal that gives the brightest reflective depth with this technique. It is often accented with transparent paints or lacquer.

Incorporating Wood Into Metal Wall Art

Eye of Horus
Incorporating wood into a metal sculpture allows the artist to add more depth and dimension without adding too much wieght.  Take for instance this Egyptian inspired “Eye of Horus”  wall hanging.  It is a poplar board painted in a distress faux golden finish.  The texture was created using toilet paper!

Industrial Chic

Industrial ChicSometimes you need a little bit of grittiness to your sophisticated decor. This is where industrial chic comes in handy. This wall art is a culmination of found objects that where saved until a composition came to mind. I lightly dry brushed various shades of copper and bronze paint until the finish was uniform then I clear coated the artwork.
The above featured art had already sold but I have another offering below in the abstract industrial wall hanging titled “Cold Blue”.
cold blue

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