The Various Styles of My Metal Art


My Metal art


I make metal art using various techniques including braze welding, wire arc welding, and stick welding. I make alot of my own forming tools from left over scraps to keep cost down and my enjoyment up. I get alot of inspirations from other artists as well as architexture and nature. All my works are a labor of love and an appreciation of form and color. You can view my work in in my Etsy shop.

Sources of inspiration

Decorative coat rack from repurposed metal I draw inspiration from many sources. I get inspired from other artists, state of the art architecture, and nature itself. Sometimes I like to take some discarded metal and give it a new lease on life. The coat rack shown here was constructed from a lame planter and leftover metal stock.

Modulated sculpture

3 stars Sometimes a design oppotunity cannot be ignored despite how small the designs is. The compromise is artwork made of numerous smaller modules. Here I have made these 6 inch stars out of braze welded masonry nails. They can be arranged in any layout that seems appropiate for your decor. These wonderful additions to your decor are available in my Etsy shop.


boltbot CHeck out this robot candle holder I made up of scrap nuts and bolts. What a great way to recylce! Click on this link here to visit my shop listing for this item.

How to make perfect steel rings

This applies to making steel rings with rods quarter inch thick and less. For thicker material, you will need a torch to heat the metal as you bend it.
In this installment, I bend three sixteenths rod scrap around a mendrel I welded together from a section of six inch diameter pipe. I use a pair of vice grip to hold the rod against the mandrel and I use leverage to wrap it around the mandrel one and a half revolutions to ensure proper curving of the steel.

Results of steel ring forming

Scrap metal converted to perfect 6 inch ring! After the rod is wrapped around the mandrel to ensure the prope rcurvature, it is time to cut the ring from the straight rod. Keep in mind that you will need a significant overlap so the ring will close properly. If you do not overlap then you will have a large gap when you align everything to weld. Once it is all aligned, tack weld it in place and if not too distorted then continue welding. Finish up by grinding the weld smooth.

Torch Perforated metal

This is an interesting technique. What is done is a thin gauge steel sheet that might be 22 to 26 gauge is heated with an oxidizing flame on the oxyacetylene torch until the circular hot zone melts and leaves a whole. It really is a quick process and besides the holes also leaves a dimensionally textured surface. In the example in the photo shown here, after the perforation I melted bronze onto the steel to give it a multimetallic surface.

Candle Holders

I love to make candle holders. They make such wonderfull gifts. Take, for instance, this 3 heart candle holder. It would make a great gift for Mothers day, Valentines, birthday, or anniversary. Also, they really add to a rooms decor. If you would like to see more,just click here.


One of the most elegant and usefull items a metal sculptor can make is a clock.  There are several companies that sell clock movements and specialized clock hands.  Nearly anything with at least a partially flat surface and the capability to have a hole drilled can be converted into a custom timepiece.  Take the contemporary post modern wall clock above.  It is an abstract time piece that would make a bold statement in any room with its contrasting iridescent colors and clean geometric lines.


Art deco set of 2 While on the subject of candle holders, I want to discuss wall mounted sconces. A good example is this set of two art deco tealight/votive candle holding sconces.


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