Scorpion Art

Scorpion Sculpture and art


In this installment, I will mainly cover metal scorpion sculpture but I will feature scorpion related art as well. The image of a scorpion invokes fear in most and awe in many. They make us think of a lone hunter roaming for prey in the desert sands at night.

Scorpion in the arts

Scorpion tattoo Probably the most common art where a scorpion is in tattoos. But they also occur in metal scuptures, digital imaging, and custom painted cars and motorcycles.

One Very large upcycled metal scorpion

Large Metal Scorpion Sculpture This is a sculpture made of salvaged metal parts. It is one imposing masterpiece. According to the artist, it is more than 40 inches in length and weighs in at a hefty 98 pounds!  

Upcycled hardware scorpion

Handmade scorpion While browsing Etsy again, I found this Upcycled scorpion sculpture made from various nails, washers, and other hardware items. It shows that what your junk drawer can produced with the right amount of imagination.

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