The Color Red in Art and Sculpture


What is it about red?


Red, one of the three primary colors, evokes intense emotion in the human mind. It can symbalize aggresion and anger, a dire warning, or raw passion. It is the color of love and St. Valentines day, a popular color for sports cars, as well as the color of blood. In clothing and related attire, it can denote power and authority. This is especially true when worn with black.As decor for home or office, the color red demands all the attention and it adds brightness to a space. Take the sculpture shown here . It is a midcentury inspired steel sculpture for both indoor and outdoor use.

In this article I will be discussing the color red in art and sculpture. This is much like the article I wrote art and sculpture in blue-green a little while ago.


A deeper shade of red

Red brazed nail panel It is funny hoe bright red can evoke danger, anger, and raw passion where the deeper shades are more quiet but very deep and rich. With silver and especially gold you get a feeling of royal sophistication. Take for instance this Red Brazed Nail Wall Panel, it has an almost oriental quality to it.

3 Hearts candle holder for a special gift

3 hearts Candle holder Do you have a special lady that you need a special hand made gift for? Then this 3 Heart candle holder would be a great choice! Think of the possibilities! It can be a gift for a birthday, anniversary, Valentines day, Mothers day, baby shower etc. It is hand made with love and given a carefully done paint ob consisting of several layers to give depth and one of a kind beauty.

Red is the color of rust

Rusted collage You may see an old abandoned car in a field, or an outdoor steel sculpture with one thing in common. They will be completely covered in a red brown corrosion called rust. Rust is a form of iron oxide and because of its various attractive hues of red brown to red orange, it is used as a decorative finish. But because it is crumbles away and exposes bare metal, rust finishes need to be sealed off from moisture to prevent total failure of the metal.

Red skies at night, sailors delight

Lady in Red This picture is a perfect example where the color red would be relaxing or be the picture of serenity. A seemingly attractive female fishing during sunset. This would be an ideal painting to have in a busy or hectic office as looking at it would calm the nerves. Needless to say, this painting brings back a song from the movie of the same title in 1986.


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