Arc Welding Metal Art


Arc Welding as it applies to metal art


Arc welding is the most common method of making metal art especially with ferrous metals. . This term covers MIG welding, flux core wire welding, stick welding, and TIG. I only have a flux core welder and a DC Stick welder. None the less, I am able to accomplish a lot with just these two machines.

Safety is paramount

“Before you start it’s important to consider all the safety aspects of the job. Arc welding involves extreme heat, very bright white light and exposure to UV radiation. It’s important to keep all of your skin covered up and pay particular attention to your eyes. Wear a good quality welding helmet with the right grade of visor. You should also have a jacket, thick gloves, an apron and rubber soled boots. All these items can be purchased from most hardware stores.”To quote a comment I received, safety is number one priority in arc welding

Arc welding is a very fast and efficient way to join metals. The heat from the arc is intense enough to instantly melt the filler metal. Even if torch welding is prefered, arc welding still hase application in tack welding pieces together.

Flux Core welders

Hobart Handler 125 EZ In this installment, I will be talking about flux core welders. These are machines that feed wire through a hose through a nozzle designed for the wire diamter being used. The wire is energized by the hot line of the welder while the ground clamp is connected to ground of coarse. There is a trigger on the handle that feeds the wire when power is on. If a conductive steel work piece is connected to ground then an arc should form between the work piece and the wire causing the wire to melt and weld the workpiece.Aside from the difficulty of loading the wire into the machine itself, this by far is the easiest method to join steel pieces together.


Stick welders

Longevity Stickweld140 Stick welders are very simple by design. They come in AC or DC modes. Some of the pricy ones have both modes. The AC ones are the classic
“buzz boxes” and have changed little for decades. These AC only models basically consist of a large step down tranformer with current adjustment and two leads. The DC output is drawn from a rectified AC.Recent developments in power supply technology have produced a new line of stick welders that have inverter technology. These units do not have the huge heavy transformers like buzzboxes. They use solidstate electronics to step down current and are a fraction of the weight and size of the traditional units. Inverters are only DC units though. The Longevity stick welder featured in the photo is what I use for stick welding. It works nicely and I even weld stainless steel to itself as well as other steel alloys!

Here are a couple of videos for arc welding metal art
I would check out both of these videos and subscribe to the channels as they have numerous videos catering to the metal artist.


2 thoughts on “Arc Welding Metal Art

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  2. cana weld says:

    I agree with you arc welding is really fast and not wearing safety equipment’s can seriously harm you. Thank you sharing the videos and other websites, they are really helpful.

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