Post Modern Metal Wall Clock


Post Modern Wall Clock

Just received the quartz clock movements I ordered from Klock it.  I have not made clocks in a while and was itching to do so.  I recently posted about metal art clocks and I showcased clocks from other artist.  So this time I will be showcasing one of my own.  I have had so many ideas run through my mind but I settled on the post modern clock pictured above.  It bears a slight resemblance to a popular post modern wall sculpture I sold 2 copies of before.

This clock is made from 3 triangular sections of 16 gauge steel painted in iridescent acrylics.  There are no numbers but they are overrated for abstract clocks anyhow.  The clock is 15 inches from top to bottom and 16 inches from left to right.  It stands a full 2 inches off the wall to allow for easy battery replacement.  Two holes are drilled in the red triangle 5 inches apart to be used for mounting.  This clock was recently uploaded into my Etsy shop.


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