High End Furnishings and Sculpture

Fine Art Contemporary Chairs and sculptures

While being social on Etsy, another artist informed me that her sister had a furniture and sculpture website where she made furniture and sculpture in styles simular to my own. Upon checking it out, I was quite impressed with the skillfull blend of industrial cast offs and flowing organic forms. This artist has truly found their calling. I present these items for your review. Check it out! You wont be disappointed!

About the artist

Tara Rochette Valure
I decided to let the artist statement give you a little back ground to the artist and her inspiration.”Tara Rochette Valure is a non traditional South Florida artist who left her career as a Mental Health Therapist to follow her dream to create art & use power tools. One day, her boss at the time, brought in Florida Design Magazine and Tara took immediate interest in a custom built table and when she realized that the piece was built at a local studio she took a lunch break and her life changed abruptly! She began working that night”

“Tara builds one of a kind utilitarian pieces including furniture & accessories. She also creates commissioned pieces for diverse commercial & private clients. Tara ‘s passion for self expression continually sparks her creativity & fuels her growth as an artist.Soho Chairs hold a special meaning for Tara . Chairs are her passion. Her influences in the field are Charles and Ray Eames, LeCorbusier, Verner Panton, Philippe Starck, Marc Newson, and so on… She hopes that her love for chairs is communicated in each piece. ”

Again this is just another example how someone on a completely different career path can “accidently” discover art and sculpture and it changes there life forever.



Giovenco This Charming chair would find a great home in any office or business setting but also in any modern den as well. The sleak geometric lines and the sophication of metallic accents are sure to embellish your office or home.

My Style

Quadrantil_570xN_493226821_la2a il_570xN_391947438_i27j
I include this artwork to show how my artistic style is very simular to the artist featured. In the piece quadrant midcentury influeces are clearly seen yet this can function quite well in any contemporary decor.  The sunburst is 13 inches but the shiny metal ant the radiant arms will be eye catching on any wall.  On the upper right hand photo is a dimensional cut nail piece that I recently did.  If features several decorative accents in metallic colors to match any decor.


3 thoughts on “High End Furnishings and Sculpture

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  2. […] High End Furnishings and Sculpture (jtbmetaldesigns.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] High End Furnishings and Sculpture (jtbmetaldesigns.wordpress.com) […]

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