Cool Steel Plates I Snagged for Artistic Inspiration


Never Underestimate the Power of Scrap

The metal supplier I frequently obtain my raw materials most of the time has at least some drops or cast offs.  While going through the scrap bin, I found these 4 wonderful 1/8″ thick steel panels.  They appear to be for an instrument with perhaps a video screen or some kind of monitor.  They were probably discarded because errors in plasma cutting or wrong positioning of holes etc..  Never the less, I snagged them up already seeing their mid century appeal. 


My first project was this abstract mid century wall hanging with a decidingly southwestern color scheme.  I made this in early September when it was still 90 degrees with the idea of fall colors.  I used all oil based colors for this on the main body and water based gold acrylic on the “attenas”.  A nice lady from Phoenix purchased this from my Etsy shop last week. I made out OK.  Next panel I want a simular design but with a range of blue hues.  More later.


One thought on “Cool Steel Plates I Snagged for Artistic Inspiration

  1. […] is a recent piece I created from the 4 cool panels I purchased last year. It is a small Memphis style wall panel with clean geometric lines.  This wall decor just screams […]

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