Ambient Music for Creative Inspiration

Listing pleasure while you create

If you are a painter, sculptor, digital artist or some other creative soul, the right music will help you dive in deeper into your creative endeavors. Personally, I like ambient or chill electronica. It takes you away to sound landscapes of imaginary colors, textures and topography. I get more entranced by my work and I seem to do better. Try listening to some of the music featured here and see how it makes you think and feel.

Bob Holroyd A Different space

Bob Holroyd A Different Space I thoroughly enjoy this album. It really is a journey into the far flung reaches of my imagination. Many of the tracks I origianlly heard on WICR at 3am Saturday mornings on a Program called “Space is the Place”. The station website has a link for listening online. The mp3 feed is the only one that works for me but I can listen on my smartphone. You painters out there should try it. It will give your art new dimension of creativity.


Ambient music is like a fluid of creative energy. Meditate on its simple rhythms and beats and let your creative juices flow.

A Few Videos for your pleasure

The Orb Orbus Terrarum


While at work 10 years ago, a coworker and I where talking about music. The subject of discussion was about how a friend had me listen to a CD from Orbital and I was describing this to my coworker and he insisted I try “The Orb” or more specifically, there album Orbus Terrarum. Once I purchased it, I was on a mind bending journey through space and time. It is a heavy influence of dub, and sythesizer tricks with some quirky background vocals and audio which I presume is from the 50’s and 60’s. An odd mix but it is a wonderfull trip either driving across state, jogging down the street, or making your latest masterpiece.


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