Metal Art Clocks


Abstract metal art clocks

If you have not aready noticed I am a big fan of abstract art and contemporary decor. So naturally, I have a strong fascination with abstract clocks. They are functional works of art and they ad class to any room or hallway. They come in almost any color and shape you can imagine. This is especially true with the advent of plasma and laser cutting technologies.

Tabletop clocks

abstract time One form of abstract metal clocks are table or desk clocks. An example would be this table clock listed on Etsy which is shown here in the photo. It is kind of a Memphis styled abstract assemblage of sorts.

Nail clock
As cool as table top clocks are, the wall clocks really are a class act. Some are truly unique like this clock made of cut nails!

Dare to have contemporary style

Abstract clock Want to make a bold statement? How about this colorfull abstract clock! It is 24 inches wide by 24 inches high. It features iridescent finishes and a quartz movement run by a AA battery.


Upcycled hubcap clocks

Hubcap clock Want to se discarded hubcaps put to good use? How about a hubcap clock!? Check out this 1958 Oldsmobile hubcap wall clock for yourgarage or shop!


2 thoughts on “Metal Art Clocks

  1. […] I ordered from Klock it.  I have not made clocks in a while and was itching to do so.  I recently posted about metal art clocks and I showcased clocks from other artist.  So this time I will be showcasing one of my own.  I […]

  2. […] the line.  Above you see I have created a grinder pattern on the sheet metal I will later use in a metal art clock.  I used a combination square to draw a rectangle 7 inches wide and 8 inches long.  The straight […]

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