Sleek Large Modern Candle Sconce Part 2


Assembly of parts

Most of the time consuming work is the actual cyclinder that holds the candles.  Once that was formed and the welds were ground down, it was a matter of just simple assembly.  The flat parts of the sconces were wire brushed with a wire brush cup on an angle grinder to ensure a paintable surface was achieved.  After using 4 tack welds to attach the cyclinder holder to the 6″X 6″ square base, I used right angle magnets to hold them exactly square to the 6″ X 24″ back mounting plate.  Then I place strategic tack welds on the bottom and top for support.  I removed flux and wire brushed the now assembled sconces.  Prior to painting, I wiped down the assemblies with denatured alcohol.  I applied anti-rust white primer by spray and waited 48 hours. 



Just before applying the finishing paint, I sanded the now dried and cured primer finish with 320 grit sand paper.  After removing the dust, I had a very smooth surface with a good “tooth” for the topcoat.  I applied the satin oiled bronze finish with a Preval Spray gun thinned with naphtha.  All went well except for a few blemishes.  I just let this all dry and the next day I just sanded everything down again with 320 grit sandpaper and removed the dust.  I reapplied another coat of paint and it was so nice.  I thought it was going to be gloss when it was wet but it dried to the nice even satin finish seen above.



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