Sleek Large Modern Candle Wall Sconce Project Part 1


Simple Yet Elegant Lines

In my latest work, I wanted to return to making candle holders.  Especially with the holidays drawing nearer.  I wanted to do sconces that held the larger candles like the Yankee candle product line.  After some thought and considering influences I had from furniture and architexture, I came up with a simple yet elegant design.  Right angles, geometric form, and a smooth satin oil rubbed bronze finish.


The Materials I Started With

Well every work of art needs to start from some raw materials.  What was special about this project is that I requested the metal be precut to the dimensions I needed to save time.  The steel supplier I frequent has various cutting tools to cut the stock material. They have a shear press, band saw, cutting torch and CNC plasma table.  I already had the dimensions ready so I had them cut the materials necessary plus extra just in case.  All were made from 16 gauge hot rolled steel sheet.  The pieces were 4 X 2″by 24″; 4 X 6″by 6″, and 4 X 6″ by 24″ rectangles. The two inch wide rectangles were formed around a mandrel made from schedule 40 pipe that is 4 inches in diameter. The second photo to the right shows one of the 2 inch sections wrapped into a cylinder with the ends tack welded together. 


6 thoughts on “Sleek Large Modern Candle Wall Sconce Project Part 1

  1. […] Sleek Large Modern Candle Wall Sconce Project Part 1 ( […]

  2. […] Sleek Large Modern Candle Wall Sconce Project Part 1 ( […]

  3. Kelly says:

    What are the dimensions of these sconces? If they are large enough for my mantle, I would like to buy 2 of them!

    • Kelly, and anyone else, these sconces are 24 inches in length, 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. They are made of 16 gauge steel sheet which is studied than most import metal decor yet light enough that the decor does not need wall anchors for mounting. I finished the sconces in the pictures in an aloud oil based finish call oil rubbed bronze. They could be finished in any conceivable color though. I could even use a water based finish with a clear sealant. I want to someday try metallic blue silver. If you want to see my other metal decor, check out or ask me a question.

  4. LWalk says:

    Will you be making these sconces again anytime soon?

    • Yes, what I might do is put a made to order listing on my Etsy shop. That way, I make them when purchased. I can turn something like these in a little over 1 week. Most of that time is allowing paint layers to dry.

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