Reusing Thinners and solvents


Solvents Are Toxic if Misused And Expensive

When working with metal art, oil based paints are still a valid choice for a durable and rust preventative finish.  Problem is that you need solvents to thin them if you wish to spray them.  The most common solvents for oil

based enamels are mineral spirits, v&pm naphtha, xylene,toluene, and acetone.  These can be used individually or combined. In many lines of paint work, solvent based finishes are being phased out in favor of waterborne coatings. Solvents pose many environmental and health related problems.  Also, the rapidly rising cost of crude petroleum has caused the price of commonly used solvents to double in just a few short years.  To protect the environment and prevent excessive waste and expenditure, it is prudent to reused solvents and thinners as much as possible.


Save Those Glass Jars!

It is a good thing that I like pickles and apricot jelly so much.  It can be hard to find good glass jars these days due the prevalence of plastic food containers.  It is important to use glass when reusing thinners and solvents.  The solvents, especially acetone and xylene, can melt plastic and make a big mess.  I also suggest that thinners need to be store away from all sources of ignition.

Basically, all that needs to be done is you collect all your thinner after cleaning brushes and tools and store them in the glass jars.  Different colors and pigments are different grades and fineness.  You store the solvents in a dark, cool place undisturbed for a couple days up to several weeks to allow solid pigments to settle.  You will get


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