A Tribute to a Metal Master John Searles

Master in metal art

this lens' photo

I am pleased to bring you this site which discusses one of the metal artist that had a major influence on my style as well. That artist is John Searles. He has been making quality contemporary art on all scales for a number of years and he uses methods I have not seen anyone else use.One of the most striking and unique techniques this artist uses is the weaving of sheet metal. To be able to treat the metal as it where fabric is really an amazing concept in of itself. Also his tendencey to focus on both geometric and organic form really captures my imagination.


Metal weaving


Undulating copper weave with patina One of the most amazing techniques John uses is metal weaving copper and aluminum. He takes advantage of the pliability and softeness of these metals, especially in the annealed state, and weaves them as if they where a textile material. To top it off he applies patinas and finishes to the weavings to make them even more distinctive.

Large Garden Sculpture


Lawn Art One of John’s areas of expertise is large garden sculptures which seem to impose a powerful presence when standing amongst shrubs, trees and floral arrays in any decorative garden. It is though a synthetic element is removed from its industrial settings and being put in the context of nature to become as one with it.

John Searles website


Wavy Column One of the best things about John Searles is his website . Not only does he showcase his work and have a blog but he even has a “how to” section for the aspiring artist. There he talks about working metal, how to market, and how to set up a consignment contract. This is an artist who truly enjoys what he does and wants to share with the world.

Use of Patinas


Space Time Framed Copper Part of the magic is Searl’s use of patinas for his copper compositions. In the sculpture Space Travel John used two patinas to point out two distinctive elements in this work. A copper grid patinated red to symbolize space time continuum. The second patina is a green patina on the circular and oddly shaped pieces representative of the orbits of heavenly bodies along with various space craft and debris.


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