Metal Sculpture with Nuts and Bolts


Unwanted, discarded nuts and bolts turned into presentable art


In this blog I will discuss and show a unique form of recycled art. This is sculpture made of nuts, bolts, washers, and other such hardware.
These sculptures can usually be found in handmade sites like Etsy. These sculptures are the purest examples of upcycling.

How about a wind surfer made from nuts, bolts, and scrap

Nuts and bolts wind surfer This is a unique one of a kind hand made nuts and bolts sculpture made for a shelf or office desk. This wind surfer combines the effect of reusing and upcycling scrap material and whimsicle charm.  

Nuts and bolts candle holder

Boltman candle holder Here is a sculpture made of bolts, nuts and washers and two bobeches to hold candles. I have sold one before that was a metallic orange. This time I pulled all the stops and painted it a very bright pearl lime green. This work of art is available for sale at this listing in my Etsy shop.

If you wish to see other robot sculptures, check out my Robot Art lens.


A really cool chess set

Nuts and bolts chess set I stumbled across this novel chess set made from nuts, bolts, and various hardware. To add to the uniqueness of this custom made set, the artist features the 3 inch pieces on a frosted glass board. To view the listing click on this link.

Nuts and bolts jewelry

Wire wrapped nut earings Yes there are even artist out there making novel and unique jewerly from bits of hardware. Some of these can be quite sophisticated. You can visit the listing here or click on the photo for these earings for purchasing options.

Other Nuts and Bolts resources

Bolt People
Artist Steve Apple shows his incredible talent creating amusing characters for every occassion.
Amazing Sculptures made of nuts and bolts
As the name implies, truly amazing sculptures made of discarded hardware.
Nuts and Bolts Figures
There is no limit for the contemporary German metal sculptor Gunter Sholz and his ‘Art Family’.

His whimsical nuts and bolts caricatures of people at work and play are recognised by the signature glasses they all wear. His sculptures are each handcrafted from steel and copper that is bent, cut, welded and brushed to capture the desired effect. There are no aspects of life that are untouched by his interpretations – Work, Sports, Music, Fun, Love, Office, Wheels Wings or just General Life – All provide inspiration for the artist


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