Decanting Spray Paint


Decanting Spray paint


this lens' photo 

I will cover this novel technique of decanting spray paint to use in airbrushes or in touch up with a small brush. The supplies needed are surprisingly cheap or even free. Doing it as recommended should be mess free if instructions are properly followed. 

This can be an awarding and amusing undertaking for the artist. Already, there are many colors available in spray paints. Being able to decant them, mix them in infinate shades and colors, and then airbrushing them really puts control back into the artist’s hands.


Supplies needed




The photo shows how simple the operation is. Keep in mind the need of using glass or metal contianiners when handling solvent based products.
You only need the spray paint in question, a piece of drinking straw, and some Blu tack or other reusable adhesive putty. I want to add that shrink wrap over the top of the bottle or jar should prevent the cloud of paint from coming back in your face. 

UPDATE > After doing this a few times myself, I find for me that using Blu tack is not necessary. I simply fold a strip of painting tape around the back of the spray nozzle securing the straw followed by another strip wrapped around the straw and nozzle. Of coarse there is always te chance for a messy leak so extra precuation doesn’t hurt.


Glass containers are needed




Krylon Meltdown As you can see from the photo here, container choice is of importance here. Don’t chance it, just use glass or metal jars, I find the small soup cans work great for me, especially if I know I will be moving the paint into an airbrush very soon.

Here is a couple videos on decanting spray paint:


Application of decanting in metal art





type=text Here is an example of a time when decanting a spray paint for finer spray control in an airbrush was desirable. Check out an article I wrote about layering paint on metal art. The translucent lacquer was used to change the hue and shade of the undercoat to create depth. The dimensional Memphis styled sculpture is available for purchase at this listing in my Etsy shop.

Decanting Krylon X Metals & Duplicolor Metalcast




This is my first attempt at decanting spray paint for use in my airbrush. I am working on a project and I want a candy like finish. How I usually proceed is I lay down a silver basecoat and spray X-Metals or Metalcast anodizing paints over the basecoat. You can see an example of this on the 3 heart candle holder that I have listed in my etsy shop. 

In the past, if I wanted to create a mixed color such as red violet, blue green etc, I would have to spray thin alternating coats of both colors while both wet hoping for adequate mixing. Now after reading in various forums how easy it was to decant spray paint, I realized I can precisely and thoroughly mix any shade I want and have the added benefit of finer control over the amount i will be spraying by using my airbrush. This will give me more options on finishes and special effect finishes


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