Finished 3D Geometric Sculptures


3D sculptures look bulky without the weight

I had mentioned in previous posts about making dimensional shapes from sheet metal and cylinders from steel tubing.  If you read those, you are probably wondering what this was all leading to.  And the results are shown above.  Two dimensional contemporary steel sculptures made up of simple yet elegant geometric forms.  They look like solid blocks of metal but they are indeed metal.


My most recent creation is this 19 inch tall contemporary steel triangular masterpiece based on an elongated three dimensional triangle mounted on its vertex for visual effect.  To add warmth and interest, a steel strip was formed into a wave and welded on.  It was painted with colored lacquer in red, orange, and yellow in a manner to accentuate the undulations of the curve. 


The sculpture was hand welded with an oxyacetylene torch to minimize spatter and porousity in the welds.  Also, there seems to be a soothing and relaxing aspect to handling and using a gas torch.  After cutting all the required shapes for the composition, it can be a real challenge to get everything to line up just so.  To make it a little easier, I usually tack weld the forms together with a wire feed welder just to keep everything together and to prevent heat warping.  I then go over the edges with the torch flame to fusion weld them.  It is best to try not use too much of the welding rod as it creates extra material to grind off.  Once the welding was complete,  It was time for the grinder patterns to give that blazing shine you get in direct intense light.  See the photo below for a contrasting shot of the triangular sculpture in direct sunlight with deep clear blue sky as a backdrop.


Breathtaking isn’t it?



The other sculpture is a little more complicated.  It is 3D contemporary steel composition composed of 4 distinct shapes welded together.  All the shapes where given a dazzling grinding patter to reflect direct light.  Additionally, the smaller shapes where colored with tinted lacquers to enhance the depth of the reflective shine.  My favorite is the deep red tetrahedron.


What also sets this sculpture apart from the rest is the bronze filler around the welded joints.


Taking a closer look at the violet rectangular accent and you can see how the bronze really adds a nice contrast to the deep cool violet lacquer finish.




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