How to make a Hollow Steel Cylinder From Tubing



Cylinder from 2 inch tubing

I have been recently working on some 3D Geometric shapes from 16 gauge steel I plan to use in a sculpture.   So far, my inventory consist of a 4 inch tetrahedron, and a small rectangular box.  Before I go on to make the larger box that will be the main body of the sculpture, I decided I need one more smaller accent piece.  After spotting some old rusty 2 inch diameter tubing in my closet, I thought it would be perfect for the task.  I simple cut out 2 inch diameter disk from 16 gauge steel sheet and round them out with the grinder.  Then I weld them on to each end to the section of steel tubing I have chosen.



For starters, I decided to place one tack weld with my flux cored wire feed welder from the tube to a 1/4″ steel place just to keep it in place.  I did that becuase there are times the wire feed from the welder may knock the workpiece down if it fails to make proper electrical contact.  I placed one of my hand cut disc on the top and attached it with four tack welds.  Afterwards, I was easily able to break the tube of the steel plate due to the small size of the tack weld.  I proceeded as above to attach the other disc to the tube via tack welding.



This is the rough draft.  As you can see there is up to 1/8″ overhang from the disc.  That is from tracing the paper circle onto the steel sheet.  Might not be much to look at now but the extra material eliminates the need for filler metal when torch welding.  Yes I will be and have been welding the steel sheet shapes with an old fashion oxygen acetlylene torch outfit.  The oxyacetylene torch is the most versatile piece of equipment for the metal artist.  You are able to braze weld different alloys together,heat metal to bend or form it, pierce or cut steel, and of coarse gas weld mild steel.




The last two photos show the cylinder after is has been gas welded and grinded smooth along with the small box and tetrahedron  with an abstrasive grinder.  Not too shaby if I do not say so myself.


2 thoughts on “How to make a Hollow Steel Cylinder From Tubing

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