Creating 3 D forms With Steel sheet


Geometric 3D Steel Shapes for Sculpture

One of the best ways to show off color with metal sculpture is using bold 3D geometric shapes with hard crusp lines.  Still deciding on a composition, I wasted no time getting started on a couple fundamental shapes. On the left a rectangular box made from 16 gauge steel sheet.  On the right, a tetrahedron from same sheet consisting of four equilateral traingles with all sides being 4 inches.  I used my Hobart 125 EZ to tack weld peices into place and then followed by gas welding with my Harris oxy acetylene torch. Torch welding affords a smoother weld with no pin holes.  That is good news when it comes to cleaning up the shapes with the grinder. 


These are truly diamonds in the rough.  I will clean these up and create a few more geometric elements for my next sculpture.


2 thoughts on “Creating 3 D forms With Steel sheet

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