Art Deco in Art and Designs

What is Art Deco

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Art Deco was a style of art and architectural design from the early 20th century. Namely the roaring 1920’s but it continued nearly until the modern art movement in midcentury. This style followed the ornate and elebrate stylings of art nouveau with more simple lines and geometric forms. Some art deco designs are indicative of the era of automated manufacturing and have a decidingly mechanical and futuristic appearance. There are reliefs and sculptures in architectural suggestive of ancient Egyptian themes due to the much publicized discoveries made during the early 1920’s

Art Deco Architecture


Chrysler building One of the crowning achievments of Art Deco architecture was the Chrysler building in New York City. It was built during the 1920s and features brilliant stainless steel deco. Incidentely, stainless steel was just discovered around this time.

Art Deco Kinetic


Art Deco steampunk This is a truly unique kinetic sculptural desk fan. It nicely incorporates the simple lines and geometric forms in art deco with the brass and mechanations of 19th century influenced. The copper dome really sets the whole piece off. The fact it was hand done shows superb craftmanship.

Art deco pendant


Art Deco pendent This one of a kind art deco pendant featuring lava and czech glass incorporates the geometric lines of classic art deco design. The finish the artist uses is an epoxy finish to give depth and definition.

Egyptian Influence in Art Deco


Eye of Horus With the historical discovery of King Tuts tomb in 1922, ancient egyptian art and design heavily influenced the art deco movement. I attempted to capture the essence of ancient Egypt in this Eye of Horus sculptureTake a look at the wood board background with the distressed faux gilded finish. It was applied over a black basecoat in the photo below.


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