Affordable Acrylic Paints for Backgrounds and Large Projects

Affordable Acrylic Paints
I will admit for the last couple years, I have got some good mileage with my selection of craft paints.  I used them to decorate my metal art and they hold up well when varnished or clear coated.  I have also been gradually stocking up on artist grade paint so I may do more experimental work.  There are two dynamics that are directing my change in priorities though. 
First, my daughter is growing up and she has seen daddy doing creative things as long as she can remember.  Also, she is doing more things in shool dealing with arts and crafts.  I realized that I need a paint I can buy in sufficient volume so I can share with her.  The little 2 ounce bottles of craft paint just do not last with both of us using them. 
Secondly,  I have been trying to get away from solvent and oil based finishes as much as possible.  Not only for the obvious health reasons, but for simplicity of application.  It really gets infuriating when you spent time applying primer and a topcoat only to have your clear coat craze the topcoat!  After painting more than 100 metal sculptures, I have NEVER had this problem applying the solvent clear coat over dried water based acrylics!
I discovered Blickrylic student paints at Dick Blick art supplies.  They are better quality than craft paints but much cheaper than aritst quality.  This suites them well for applying solid colored base coats over large areas.  They come in 30 colors and sizes from a pint to half gallon.  The pint bottle only cost $4.37!  Ounce for ounce that is half the cost of craft paints!  I will say they thin well with fluid medium and water if you want to airbrush them.  If you are looking for a high gloss finish you will have to use Blickrylic gloss medium.  The pigment may settle so always be sure to  shake the bottle before use!

3 thoughts on “Affordable Acrylic Paints for Backgrounds and Large Projects

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