Making Your Own Paint From Mica Pigment

Mica Pigments in Paint Making
I have written before about mixing mica pigments into existing paints.  Now I am going to share my experiences making paint from mica powders and an acrylic medium.  First let us look at what I started with as far as supplies.
Supplies for Making Paint
Paint Making Made Simple
What I started of with is a bottle of Handy Art Acrylic Polymer Medium, a mixing container, and some dark purple mica pigment and a little water.  First, I dispensed half a tea spoon of mica pigment into the mixing container.  Then add water to create a dispersion.  If the pigment resist wetting then a few drops of isopropyl alcohol may be added.
Once a smooth consistency of dispersion is acquired, then begin adding medium to incorporated the wetted pigment particles into the matrix.  Keep adding medium and water is small amounts until you get the paint at the thickness you need.

One thought on “Making Your Own Paint From Mica Pigment

  1. […] medium, you start out just like the way I discussed in a previous post published last August “Making Your Own Paint From Mica Pigment”.  You start with a dry mica pigment powder in a container.  You then carefully add just enough […]

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