Various Stainless Steel Sculptures

Why Choose Stainless Steel

In the last post, I talked about how to stick weld stainless to stainless.  I also talked about stick welding stainless to other types of steel alloys.  In principle, it is straight forward and only requires the specific electrodes.  One may ask why would I choose to incorporate stainless steel into my metal art.  Aside from its increased strength and anticorrosion properties, it lends itself to a sleek and sophisticated look. When used alongside mild steel that is painted, the possibilities are endless.  Consider this dimensional  shield with its polished stainless frame and iridescent blue finish.



The stainless steel rod frame was bent by hand without heat and stick welded together.  The shield portion is 16 gauge mild steel that was painstakingly cut with only an angle grinder and bent and formed in a vise. The iridescent finish is designed to enhance the dimensional contours of the shield.


The technique of incorporating stainless steel with mild steel works well with table top sculpture.  The abstract stainless steel sculpture featured above vaguely resembles a tree. With some creative welding, you can create almost a seamless look.


Normally, I leave stainless steel elements of a sculpture unpainted in preference for its natural beauty.  But stainless steel does lend itself well to transparent finishes.  Consider the application of Krylon X-Metals to Stainless that has been textured with an angle grinder.  You can see the depth and striking sheen created.


This is featured on a fun piece I did called Space Age Mid Century Wall Art.


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