Repainting over Enamel Paint


Why I Chose to Repaint a Sculpture

I recently made an abstract sculpture and painted it with gloss oil based enamel paint.  The trouble was the color was not as brilliant as I had hoped.  The first paint job consisted of Valspar Anti Rust Armour tinted Cosmic Berry.  It is surely a lovely deep red violet but, unless it is placed in direct light, is rather dark.


Deglossing the Paint Finish

Gloss enamel paints by definition dry to a very slick shiny surface.  Painting directly over this will result only in the peeling and cracking of the new coating.  It is necessary to degloss the original coating to create a toothed or “keyed” surface for the new coating to adhere to.  If I were to apply an enamel paint of a simular color such as red, blue, or a darker or lighter purple, I would use 220 grit sandpaper, wipe down, then just apply the new color.  Since I am applying a drastic color change, I need to apply a coating of white primer between paint layers.  So I use a little coarser grade of sandpaper of 150 grit.  Primer will fill small scratched better than a top coat of paint.


Reapplied the Primer

After wiping the surface completely, I cautiously applied the new primer.  I was cautious because I had a few layers of coatings on the sculpture already.  So first coat barely covered as I wanted to give time for the aggresive solvents to flash off.   A second and third coat were applied more thoroughly.  After checking that everything was good, it was time to apply the turquoise paint layer.


The Final Finish

I applied the turquoise gloss enamel on top of the primer in the same cautious manner.  The solvent for the enamel I sprayed was pure VM&P Naphtha and did not contain acetone, xylene or any other harsh solvents.  As mentioned in my post about thinning enamel paints, VM&P naphtha allows for the smoothest sheen due to it’s superior flow improving properties.

I must say I have a much brighter finish with the turquoise paint and I am quite pleased.  Go to the listing for this sculpture in my Etsy shop for purchasing or more information.  From there you can cusom order the sculpture in the size and color of your choice.


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